Osmo's FloorXcentre is the ultimate machine for caring for timber floors finished with Osmo products. The FloorXcentre is a user friendly, single disc machine which gives professional results.

It is a dual purpose machine - suitable for cleaning and refreshing timber floors in a domestic or commercial environment, and as a buffing machine for professional flooring contractors.

In a domestic situation, it is perfect for cleaning, maintaining, refreshing and renovating oiled surfaces. The machine is best suited for use in homes which have over 200 square metres of oiled timber floors. For homes which have smaller areas of timber flooring, Osmo's cleaning kit for floors would be the better option.

In a comercial situation, the machine is perfect for maintaining floors in cafes, restaurants, shops etc which have large areas of timber flooring.

For the professional user, the machine can be used for applying one of Osmo's Oil Stains or Woodwax colours to the timber prior to finishing with Polyx Oil. The result will be an even colour finish.

The machine is supplied with one white pad and one microfibre pad. The brushing ring is sold seperately.

The white pad is for loosening day to day dirt and stains, when using the Wash and Care detergent. For professionals, the white pads can be used for colouring timber floors prior to finishing with Polyx Oil.

The microfibre pad is softer than the white pad and is used for polishing the timber using the Liquid Wax Cleaner.

The brushing ring is used for loosening more stubborn stains such as dirt trapped in the timber's grain. It can also be used to clean uneven surfaces such as textured flooring, as well as internal exposed aggregate concrete floors.





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