Wood Putty

Osmo Wood Putty is a low odour polymer dispersion for filling cracks, joints and nail holes etc up to 2mm, on sanded timber flooring. It can be used universally on all wood species. It is not suitable for use on cork.

Osmo Wood Putty has a high filling power, is quick drying and has good sanding properties. It is a clear product which can be mixed with up to 15% sanding dust from the same type and colour of timber being sanded. The ideal sawdust would be from 80-12 grit sanding. Drying time is approximately 30-60 minutes based on an ambient temperature of 23C and 50% humidity. Lower or higher temperatures or larger joints will increase the drying time.

The 5 litre container will cover approximately 50-75 square metres with one application. Clean up with soap and water.