Oil Stain

Osmo Oil Stain is the recomended coloured stain for timber flooring. It is a transparent (one coat) or intensive (2 coats) finish, which requires a top coat of one of the Polyx®-Oils. The image below is of 3514 Graphite, showing the transparent and intensive effect.



Oil stain can be used to colour timber furniture etc, but the better option in this instance is to use one of the Woodwax Transparent or Intensive colours. Woodwax products contain a high degree of wax which will give a better finish without the need to apply a top coat of Polyx®-Oil.

Click HERE to view the Oil Stain colour chart.

Where Osmo's Oil Stain is being applied in commercial situations such as shops, cafes and restaurants etc, Osmo recommend adding a 60ml bottle of Osmo Oil Stain Hardener to a 1 litre can of Oil Stain. This will reduce the drying time from 12 hours to about 4 hours, and means two coats of stain and one top coat can be applied in one day. Use of the hardener is also recommended when staining high resin or oil content timbers such as Matai, Totara, Kwila and Spotted Gum etc.  

Osmo Oil Stain is available in 10 colour tones.           

When using colour tone 3501 White, it is not recommended to have an intensive finish, as it is prone to yellowing. Similarly, when using colour tone 3519 Natural, it is recommended for light coloured timbers only, where the finished wood will look natural. Use on red or darker timbers such as jarrah or kwila etc will result in a chalky appearance. 

Coverage is approximately 30 - 45 square metres per litre per coat, based on smooth, dressed timber surfaces. Coverage will be less on textures surfaces. 

Can sizes / Approximate coverage

  • 1 litre          30 - 45 sqm with one coat
  • 2.5 litres      75 - 110 sqm with one coat