Osmo Certifications


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BRANZ Group 3 fire rating certificate

pdf icon BRANZ Certificate (New).pdf

BRANZ Test Report for Group 3 rating

pdf icon BRANZ Final Report (New).pdf

Slip Resistance certificate for Osmo Anti Slip Decking Oil 430

pdf icon Slip Resistance test 430.pdf

Guide to NZ slip resistance ratings

pdf icon Slip Resistance Guide for NZ Standards....pdf

Manufacturer's declaration re red list products

pdf icon LBC Declaration.pdf

Food safety certificate for Osmo Chopping Board Oil 3099

pdf icon Chopping Board Oil Food Safe Certificate 2018.pdf

Slip resistance test certificate for Osmo Polyx Oil Anti Slip 3089

pdf icon Slip Resistance Test Report Polyx 3089.pdf

Food safety certificate for Polyx Oils

pdf icon Food safe certificate for Polyx Oil.pdf

Food safety certificate for Osmo Top Oil

pdf icon Top Oil Food Safety Certificate.pdf

European norms certification

pdf icon European Norms Certificate.JPG

Manufacturer's certification for red list solvents

pdf icon Letter re solvents for LBC.pdf