Osmo Polyx-Oil protects wooden flooring effectively and durably — at the same time it helps to create a healthy living environment in your home.

wood the protects

Osmo are the only producers to use timber finishes from their own product development and production facility to coat their own wood products. In fact, over 50% of the finishes they manufacture are used in-house on their own wood products. The finish production facilities are located in Münster, Germany. Here, ingredients such as natural oils and waxes are blended with pigments to produce the Osmo range of timber finishes. The results are continuously laboratory tested to ensure formulations and products are of the highest quality.

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wood meets colour

The best finish for timber facing wind and weather is one which is developed solely for timber. Only a finish fitting the needs of timber as a living and breathing product can retain the natural beauty of the wood in the long term. Products which have stood the test of time for over 50 years, mean that you can rely on timber finishes from Osmo.

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preservation is conservation

It takes 100 years for a tree to grow into solid quality. Only a suitable wood finish can meet the needs of wood so that it retains its natural beauty and durability for a long time. Osmo’s attention to detail, expertise and product development meet these needs. Osmo are pioneers in this field, having developed micro-porous, natural oil and wax based finishes 50 years ago. Osmo Polyx Oil is the original Hardwax Oil.

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