Eco-friendly natural wood finishes
from Osmo NZ

How to prepare a wood surface to be finished with OSMO Polyx Original Hardwax Oil

Having the floor sanded correctly is essential. For best results, we recommend using a professional floorsander. The final finish depends upon the quality of the sanding.


Application of OSMO Polyx Oil to a timber floor

Polyx oil is available in a matt or satin finish. Application for both is identical. The finish is clear. Full preparation and application instructions are on the can’s label.

Polyx Oil is very easy to apply. The oil is designed to be used straight from the can. No thinning is required. The recommended applicator is a good quality bristle brush or a microfiber floor roller.


Repairing a damaged floor finished with OSMO Polyx Oil

It is possible to spot repair damaged areas of your timber floor, by re-applying a thin coat of Polyx Oil after the effected area has been sanded.


Maintaining surfaces finished with OSMO Polyx Oil

The key to getting the best from your OSMO finished floor over its lifetime, is to use the correct maintenance products which will care for, and protect the timber. Caring for the floor should include:-

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